How Comparing Yourself To Others Is Slowing You Down

I don’t even remember the last time I scrolled through Instagram where I didn’t feel jealous, but there are also posts that made me feel smug and like I’m doing better than someone. I find myself often sitting, scrolling, bitching and wishing I had something someone else has. Now, don’t pretend you don’t do the same.

The life game

A fancy job title, a BMW, expensive clothes and a nicely decorated family house in a fancy neighbourhood. That’s all we ultimately want. When we get all of that – we made it, we are perfect. It seems to me that we made life into a game, a game of titles, a game of who gets more followers on Instagram and a game of ‘looking good on paper’. We’ve been taught that if you come first in ‘The Life Game’ your self-worth will increase. You will be a better person, a more valuable person and ultimately a role model, but I feel like there is a fine line between self-worth and ego.

Deep down we should know that all those things don’t make us better human beings. Some rich CEO who has it all is probably the biggest asshole you ever met, because in getting all of it, he lost himself.

I am scared of losing myself. I am scared of what comparing and competing with others has done to me. It has made me doubt myself and second guess everything I do. I want to stop impressing other people, do stuff that society thinks it’s right and expected from me. I want to make myself happy. I want to impress myself.

Be careful what you wish for

Remember that people show what they want to show. They paint themselves how they want to be seen. They don’t show the ugly parts, the sad parts and the messy parts. We have to remind ourselves not to jump to conclusions and appreciate what we have, but not only materialistically. We have to own up to our strengths (and weaknesses) and appreciate them, because maybe, just maybe, someone else is dying to have them.


I see comparing as a big problem, a problem that is stopping me from reaching my full potential. I recognize it and I want to change it.

I want to stop wishing for stuff to happen and I want to stop being jealous. That is why I decided to focus on the things I want to do and create. I will stop looking for validation from others and just be me, my authentic self.

You know that saying ‘Fake it until you make it’ ? Well, I’m telling you that you don’t have to fake it, because you already have everything you need to get where you want to be.

Create a custom-made vision for your life. Don’t borrow ideas, just think about what makes you truly happy and what you want to achieve. Step by step, work towards your own goals.

Also, we have to realize that no one is worth more or less. No one. Never feel like you are not enough and never act like you are better than someone. Learn to be happy for others, convert that jealousy into love and passion to achieve your own dreams.

If you stay true to yourself, you will naturally be at peace.

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