Summer In Croatia

Beautiful sunsets, amazing food and attractions, these are just some of the reasons I keep coming back to Zadar. We stayed in a cute little apartment close to the center where the host was so welcoming and helpful.

The first evening we went to the center to see the sunset and it was crazy how many people gathered. It was truly, a special moment.

The next day we went to Queen’s beach (Kraljicina plaza) in Nin. It owes its name to the story about the wife of the first Croatian king, who regularly visited this beach and used the mud there which is supposed to have healing properties. I always wanted to try out healing mud and I can tell you that it was a lot of fun, but also soothing for the skin. Even my boyfriend enjoyed that little ‘spa treatment’.

Nin is really small town, but it was very charming and packed with cute stores, restaurants and unique attractions. The smallest cathedral in the world can also be found there.


Lastly, we went to Biograd na Moru and I loved it there! I never visited before, but after being there for just a few hours, I definitely want to go back. There was a special vibe that I really liked, plus very good ice cream.

Did you ever visit Croatia? Which cities are your favourites?

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