Few Words About Finding Love Abroad

Studying abroad isn’t exactly the ideal time to look for the love of your life. After all, it’s really only going to end in heartbreak, right?

Two people from different countries, thousands of kilometers apart, two different languages and cultures… That definitely does not equal a promising situation. At least, that’s what I thought as I was leaving Zagreb, the first step in my Danish adventure years ago.

Expect the unexpected

The initial plan was to go to Denmark, get a degree and have fun while doing it. Then maybe go back home and figure things out from there. Oh boy, was I wrong.

As you may have guessed I met someone, not just someone, I met ‘the one’. People say you find love when you’re not looking for it, and it’s true. I didn’t mean to make my entire adventure amount to a relationship. I wanted my travels to be about living MY best life, but what I came to realize was that, I could live MY best life together with him.

We must allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to take the jump into the great unknown, knowing that we could come out hurt, but do it anyway.

Remember, life is not a rom-com

Things tend to move faster in an international relationship just because we knew there were certain deadlines, uncertainties and the inevitable distance. Because we were tested so early in the relationship, we realized how much we cared about each other and how much we were willing to sacrifice.

I had to give almost everything up from my old and comfortable life, however, I would rather live in his world, than be without him in mine.

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