Hi, I’m Dora!
– 20 something Croatian girl living in Denmark.

Here I will be sharing some of my experiences of making major life changes for the better – from moving to the happiest country in the world to the hardships that come along with it.

This is a place for people who want more in life, more adventure and bring positive change. I am sure there are many of you like-minded people out there finding yourself in a similar situation, so hopefully my little corner of the internet will help you get a new perspective and help handle those life changing events.

Other than that, you will be seeing a lot of food and fashion posts, but also travel videos which are my big passion!

A few random facts about me:

  • I’m an introvert, but constantly trying to hide it
  • I aspire to be one of those instagram fitness girls, but can’t stop eating
  • my obsession with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings is getting out of hand
  • I’m a dog person
  • I will always love winter more than summer